Spray Tan

Because it's time to pamper yourself


Express Spray Tan

Full Body $85

Half Body $45

For those of you who are constantly on the move, this spray option will be your go to.  It is infused with anti aging and moisturizing ingredients that allow your tan to live its best life.   Our Express Spray Tan is a 2-4 hour rinse and will continue to develop over the next 20 hours. 

Organic Spray Tan

Full Body $75

Half Body $40

This organic solution is paraben free, vegan friendly, and peanut allergy friendly.  It works with all skin tones to give you an effortless and natural glow.  Our organic spray tan is an overnight solution and develops in the 8 hours that you sleep.

Overnight Spray Tan

Full Body $70

Half Body $40

Recommended for those who prefer to get sprayed at night and go to bed!  This overnight solution develops as you sleep!  Wake up, rinse off and go!

What to do before an appointment

We ask that you prep for your spray tan by exfoliating your face and body for the two days prior to your appointment.  When arriving for your appointment please make sure to have no body or face moisturizer on as well as no deodorant.  Please wear loose cotton clothing.  Properly moisturizing in the days after your spray will increase its longevity.