We set up our spa in this part of long island because this is where we're from.


This is who we know, and these are the people we want to help find their true beauty potential.

Our goal at The Beauty Window.

To help preserve and protect your skin in a beautiful, yet controlled, aesthetic environment.  It is what sets us apart and where you will feel genuinely cared for by our staff.


Our Staff

Our staff consists of highly trained and New York State licensed estheticians Erica Hoeft, Kristen Baker, Ashley Cruise and Courtney Dorrien. 

We are experts at dealing with all skin types and skin conditions, and are dedicated to remaining educated in all advancements with the skincare industry .  We realize that your skin care needs are as unique as you are, therefore we pride ourselves on making each service personalized and memorable.  


Why are we different?

There is a personalized touch to everything that we do. We truly care about our clients and are dedicated to making each and every one of you feel special.

Come experience peace and professionalism as our estheticians provide you with the perfect personalized beauty service. So, relax and browse our website for more information about how you can complete your journey towards a beautiful looking you...